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Cluster Lashes Glue Remover

Cluster Lashes Glue Remover

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The oily texture can penetrate deep into the root of the lash clusters, and fast remove at several minutes! Bring you professional salon experience at home!


STEP 1 - Apply the lash remover on the base of the cluster lashes

STEP 2 - Wait for 35 seconds to dissolve the eyelash glue.

STEP 3 - Use a cotton pad to remove lash clusters or makeup residue, then rinse the eyes. (Repeat until no residue remains.)

FEATURES DISSOLVE QUICKLY- Lash glue remover for clusters is designed with a spiral brush head. The spiral brush head of eyelash glue remover for cluster eyelashes can penetrate deep into the root of the lashes and increase removal capacity. The oily ingredients in lash remover for lash clusters will quickly dissolve lash glue and other oils and stains.

FORMULA SAFE- Cluster lash remover is infused with mild formula, the ingredients are safe and non-irritating, with no alcohol, and no adverse effects on the eye skin. Cluster lash remover nourishes the eye area while properly cleaning, and the light fragrance can be felt when using lash cluster remover. Lash remover for cluster lashes is suitable for all people including suitable for sensitive eyes.

DIY LASH EXTENSIONS AT HOME- False eyelash glue remover is designed to remove your DIY cluster eyelashes at home, so you can easily remove your false lashes without the costly trip to the salon.

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