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Tired of waiting for your lash glue to dry? Tired of messy application? Then try our Magic Luxe Liner!

2 in 1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pen + Lash adhesive. 

Our dual formula combines a latex free lash adhesive with a highly pigmented, smudge proof eyeliner.

The new innovative way to apply false lashes. 

The precision felt tip liner makes it easy to draw a thin layer of adhesive onto the lash line with zero fuss, glues or magnets. The non-latex formula is re-stickable, making readjustment easy. Use our Magic Luxe Liner with false lashes of your choice for fabulous, windproof lashes in a flash.

How to use

1. Measure your lash against your eye and trim if needed

2. Draw your liner on your eyelid as you normally would do (you can even wing it out if you’re feeling fancy)

3. Apply your lashes to your lash line where you have drawn your eyeliner

Then you’re all done! No mess, no fuss!

*Our Magic Luxe Liner can be used with any pair of strip lashes

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